e martë, 28 tetor 2008

On his blog, Barry challenged us to a MEME post in which we EACH list 7 facts about ourselves. It took a long time for me to think of seven facts but at long last I was able to think--and here they are.
1) Research--I love research! I really do and that is probably why I enjoy genealogy. Lets face it--our family is pretty boring but the history surrounding them is fascinating. The internet allows us access to us so much more information than in the past. No longer do we have to "walk" the cemeteries to find family graves.
2) Der's smile during a jam session makes everything worth while. No one enjoys music with his friends more than Der.
3) Museums are totally stress free. The world is up tight but once you enter a museum and feast your eyes on the riches of the past, all worries and stress evaporate. My favorite picture is St Matthew in the Kimbel. However, I also vist the Remingtons and Russells in the Amon Carter.
4) College students are a breath of fresh air. They are on their own for the first time and all time stretches in front of them. They are a real joy.
5) No one can go to the PraiSingers Choir (age 55 and up) with Bill Pearson and not experience true fellowship and hard work. The music is fantastic and Bill is a very patient director--even if we don't look at him as often as he would like. Bill is probably the biggest optimist there is, too. He expects us to learn at least three of the songs we are singing. Keep in mind--all of us are over 55 and some of us are way over!
6) The sound of close harmony must be the music of angels (or is that angles?).
7) Whenever Der and I travel we have adventures! There was the time in CA we were on a (closed) one lane dirt road up the side of a mountain with a 1500 foot drop off and met a road grader--which we had to pass--and did with God's help. The time a lady asked us to be a spotter as she skied on one ski around Big Bear Lake in CA. Her husband drove the boat and told us all about the mobsters who used to own the property. In Vermont, we met a family who knew my Dad. In fact, one of them had bailed hay for him! We were really shocked when we met the trader at an Indian trading post in Arizona whose wife was raised in Sundown, TX--where some of Der's relatives lived.

Just for free--here is an eighth fact! You'd never guess, but I love exclamation points! They are fun, interesting and add pizzaz to just about everything!

So, come on family. Lets here your 7 facts!
PS: Dad will add his later.

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